Point7 Presentation

On Thursday 5th October pupils from Y8 and Y9 had a very powerful and thought-provoking presentation from ex South Yorkshire policeman Alan Hancock and WPC Dawn Wilson, on the perils and dangers of knife crime.


Alan discussed how knife crime is on the rise in the UK and also how many innocent people are affected by these incidents. Also, he represented the family of Chris Cave Foundation, who was an ex pupil of Sacred Heart who tragically was a victim of a knife attack


Founded in 2005 by Theresa Cave, The Chris Cave Foundation supports and educates families and local communities affected by violent crimes, whilst providing an outlet for young people influenced by violent crime to focus their energy and gain new skills.

Working alongside agencies including Sheffield Police and helping with POINT 7 a powerful anti-gun and knife crime programme, the family have campaigned and have taken to the streets of London all the ways to number ten Downing Street in the fight to give victims more rights.

POINT7 was created to give students a broader understanding of the ‘real’ effects on the lives of ‘real’ people of weapon-related crime. POINT 7 is a powerful and interactive program that shows the consequences and the ripple effect of knife / gun crime, it also covers cyber bullying and other topics related to violent crime. The program is free and has been welcomed across the country.

The presentation included real life stories, pictures and information regarding laws on sentencing , carrying weapons and gang violence, cyber bullying and gives young people a chance to interact and even go into debates.