Stations of the Cross for Staff

Dear all,

A reminder that there’ll be Stations of the Cross for staff this coming Friday 23rd February (and every Friday during Lent) at 8am in the Sixth Form Hall. This is a popular Catholic devotion prayed traditionally during Lent. Please don’t be put off if you’re not familiar with this form of prayer –  it’ll be relaxed and informal.


There’ll be no Morning Prayer for Staff next Monday 26th February – it’ll take place on Wednesday 28th instead at 8am in the main Chapel.


God bless,

Mass Arrangements – 1 March 2018


To:  All Staff

From:  Nic Smith

Subject:  Whole College Advent Mass Thursday 1st March  @ 1.40 pm

Date:       February  2018 

Year manages will receive class list from TGR on Wednesday 21st Feb during the  morning.

Please ensure that ALL tutors have their list for tutor time 1.45 pm .

Tutors a quick completion and return to student services will ensure your students receive a pass to attend Mass.

Tutors will receive a class list this must be completed indicating those wishing to go to mass. Once completed this must be returned to student services ASAP to ensure that all pupils in that group can attend.


Please note new timings lunch will be normal timings and not 10 minutes earlier as on previous occasions.

Lesson 4 will end at 12.55 as normal ( Year 7 will be brought down for an early lunch @ 12.40)

Lunch  – 12.55 – 1.45pm

Registration – As Normal


All year groups to go from lunch to be quickly registered and those pupils with a pass must go to their door of entry ASAP and will be met by their Progress Leader and Year Manager. Non attending pupils will remain with their tutors in form rooms until 3.05pm.

Terry will supply resources for each tutor group to work on during this time.


Mass will start at 2.00 pm Prompt and end at 3.00pm

Any 6th form students wanting to attend Mass need to meet in the LRC at 1.45pm ensuring that their tutor knows that they are attending Mass.

Only pupils with a Mass Pass can attend.

All list’s are dated and timed when they are handed in to student services.

Attendance at Mass has been excellent,  so much so that we reached a level at the last mass that was over the maximum allowed in the hall.

Due to H and S limitations we have a limit which demand usually exceeds.

Please be aware of this and act promptly to avoid disappointment .

To address this and to ensure that Mass is as we would want it to be and all pupils are seated sensibly and safely we have limited the number of passes issued.

Please emphasise to all pupils that they must not attend without a pass.

Can I ask all PTL’s to ensure that all passes are collected at your respective doors please.

(Any pupil who does not get a pass will be given priority for the next Mass)

Pastoral Leaders please remind year groups attending Mass to enter through their allocated door.

Please note Years 8 +  9 will enter through the outside door (hard standing) near the bleacher seating.


All other arrangements will follow the usual protocol that serves us very well.

Please ensure that all pupils attending Mass are doing so for the right reasons and are prepared properly

  • Yr 12 /13 – Assemble in LRC
  • Y11 Inside to door to Activity studio
  • Y10 Outside door near main pupil entrance
  • Y8 Outside door near main hall
  • Y7 Main hall door on street
  • Y9   Outside door near Bleacher seating


Please can you go through these arrangements carefully with your form over the next week

Any problems/questions with these arrangements please speak myself or Terry.

Thank you

Nic Smith


Seating Arrangements


Trinity Stationery Shop Updates

Trinity Stationery Shop

Monday –
Y7’s & Y11 prefects will visit all forms during morning registration.
Tuesday – Equipment will be available from Y7’s based in the LRC during morning forms
Wednesday – Equipment will be available from Y7’s based in the LRC during morning forms
Thursday – Y7’s & Y11 prefects will visit all forms during morning registration.
Friday – Equipment will be available from Y7’s based in the LRC during morning forms

GCSE Drama Practical Exam Moderation

The GCSE Drama Practical Moderation will take place in the Main School Hall on Wednesday 28th March

  • 1:15pm – Examiner will arrive
  • 1:45pm – Exam will begin
  • 3:05pm (Approx finish)

Thank you, Miss Myers

Y11 National Citizenship Service Drop-in Sessions

The National Citizenship Service will be coming in to Trinity to offer drop-in sessions to Year 11 students to outline the opportunities their organisation can provide for students.  NCS can provide help with gaining confidence, preparation of a distinctive UCAS application, developing skills required by future employers, access to exclusive events etc. Continue reading