Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up Premium

Trinity Catholic College is committed to ensuring students who have not made national expected progress in either or both of English and Maths have the best opportunities to enhance and develop core skills. This extra provision allows pupils to be successful in both English and Maths and also equips pupils with the literacy and numeracy skills needed to access the broad and balanced curriculum offered by Trinity Catholic College. Trinity Catholic College has received £18,047 for the 2016-2017 academic year and will engage with the following approaches and a consistent range of assessment methods to ensure maximum progression.


Strategy Modifications/additions from last academic year
Accelerated Reader: promoted through intensive focus on ensuring that students of all abilities are actively reading for meaning. This programme will identify key areas of weakness for pupils’ ability to read for meaning, comprehension and spelling age as well as decoding of texts.


Rigorous tracking system set up on Accelerated Reader to rapidly identify progress and under performance.
Fresh Start: provides pupils with a second chance at securing their  phonics whilst enhancing their comprehension skills. This programme will allow for formal half termly assessments to assess pupils’ progress. This will assess progress for pupils’ reading ages.


One extra session per week added to the timetable.
Extra English groupings: students who are less secure in English will receive additional lessons. These lessons will be timetabled as Key Skills. Higher staff ratio than last year to ensure timetabled skill based lessons. 1 Teacher 2 Teaching Assistants.
Curriculum changes: key question priorities identified in KS4 have been identified and have been put into KS3, with a particular focus on writing skills. Formalised Key stage 3 assessments have been changed from last year. They now replicate those at Key stage 4.
Catch Up Programme: Catch Up Literacy is a structured one-to-one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. It enables struggling readers to achieve more than double the progress of typically developing readers. HLTA attending ongoing training to implement new intervention. Timetabled sessions to be added to the curriculum.



Strategy Modifications/additions from last academic year
Hegarty Maths: Pupils have an individual login for Hegarty Maths. This allows pupils to access online tutorials and support for weaknesses identified. Personalised homework and progress monitoring tool. Pupil and parents now have individual logins to access at home. This is to increase parental engagement, which is an area of development from last year.


Maths Intervention:Foundation pathway- 2-3 sessions per week. Numeracy catch up delivered in small groups focusing on the ten key components of Numeracy.

Developing pathway-1 session per week. Numeracy catch up delivered addressing the ten key components of Numeracy.


Working below intervention: Pupils are set based on ability from May Half term to allow for targeted specific intervention to be delivered each lesson. Year 7 scheme of work has been re-written to focus on enabling core numeracy skills to be developed and secured.