Pupil Premium



We believe in promoting and supporting our belief that we are where every student is “called by name”and is unique.  Support of the less advantaged members of the school community is at the heart of our mission statement and we are totally committed to enhance the support we can put in place to further improve the progress and attainment to our Free School Meal and Looked After Students through the use of the Pupil Premium.


Trinity Catholic College

Expected Premium – 2016-2017 allocation (£517,000)

There are currently 571 students in Year 7 – Year 11 eligible for the Pupil Premium.

The Pupil Premium provides funding for students:

  • Who have been in receipt of free school meals (FSM) at any point in the past 6 years.
  • Who have been continuously looked after for the past six months.
  • For children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

Trinity is committed to providing effective resources and ensuring vital support in place for our disadvantaged students to improve their academic outcomes.

This document outlines the impact of the Pupil Premium 2015 – 2016 and proposed spend 2016 – 2017.


Reporting the use of the Pupil Premium

Regular reports will be presented to the governors of the school on the progress of students eligible for the pupil premium.  A report will also be issued online annually detailing how the school has used the funding made available through the pupil premium.

Parents/carers will be able to obtain information on the pupil premium via the school website.  This will be updated annually.

The Pupil Premium plan has been reviewed to ensure we use the best approach for Raising Attainment of disadvantaged students.

Research from the Sutton Trust’s Pupil Premium Toolkit in conjunction with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) details effective strategies including ‘improving teacher feedback’ as the most effective method.  This is an integral part of our School Development Plan, together with peer mentoring and as such this plan needs to be read in conjunction with the School Development Plan.


2016-2017 Proposal

The school’s focus is on closing the gap for our Pupil Premium students and equipping our students for the next stage of their learning.  This means support for raising attainment and progression are a priority, specifically focussed on:

  • Raising Attainment for Pupil Premium students to bring attainment in line with expected levels of progress (focus Maths).
  • Support for disengaged students, (focus on Attendance and Curriculum Engagement).
  • Literacy and Numeracy support.  To establish intervention programme where students below national average levels are specifically targeted on transition (Year 6 → Year 7).

The plan includes:

  • Teaching & Learning Strategies include peer support.
  • Targeted interventions.
  • Effective AFL (assessment for learning).
  • Engagement with parents


Facilitating students’ access to the curriculum

  • Implement academic ‘subsidy’ to enable pupil premium students to fully access the curriculum.
  • Fund Additional Teaching Assistants – focus on Key Stage 3 Intervention (literacy and numeracy).
  • Focus on Year 7 Catch Up and More Able Pupil Premium Children.
  • Additional Language and learning ‘buy back’ to support literacy intervention,
  • Establish a ‘catch up’ scheme to improve reading age of Year 7 students whose reading age is below the national average.
  • Additional funding for Attendance Support.
  • Fund teaching capacity for 1:1 or small group work.


Transport Provision

  • Subsidised travel (increased subsidy).  Significantly increased due to financial changes by Local Authority.
  • Funding for Marie Madeleine Centre providing on site support for students as an alternative to exclusion and bespoke support for individual students in other at risk groups.
  • Increase funding of staffing the Marie Madeleine Centre.
  • 2 Teaching Assistants.
  • 1 Inclusion Manager.
  • Key stage 2 – Key stage 3 Transition Support – cost of staffing, transport and resources to support visits and challenge days to ensure the smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to 3.


Facilitating students’ access to the broader experiences provided within the school context

  • Establish peer mentoring for Pupil Premium Students.
  • Embed Focus Days within curriculum; engage Pupil Premium Cohort.
  • Funding for Focus Days (5).
  • Careers, Advice and Guidance – the funding of additional buy back to offer advice and guidance to targeted students, particularly those in danger of becoming NEETs (not in employment, education or training).  Investment in new IAQ software to enhance provision.


Providing appropriate support and intervention within the school setting

  • Dedicated member of Leadership Team to focus on Pupil Premium Cohort.  (Raising Attainment team).
  • Fund and staff Maths residential, half term conferences (February 2017) and after school classes.
  • Key Stage 3 Raising Attainment Maths appointment made (TLR).
  • Plan for Easter Revision – three days intensive revision – transport, staffing, rewards for attendance, fully funded for Pupil Premium Year 11 cohort.
  • Intervention groups at key stage 4 in English and Maths – use of small groups and targeted intervention strategies to identify and raise the achievement of individual students in Year 11, ‘narrowing the gap’ in attainment.
  • Student Welfare Team support – support from this team to ensure targeted students have the best possible learning opportunities by helping to remove barriers to learning caused by attendance, behaviour, emotional and family issues.
  • Comprehensive literacy and numeracy accelerated reader programme for all Year 7 & Year 8 including a Buddy Reading Scheme – resources and staffing to continue with a very successful initiative,  including replenishment of stock.
  • Pastoral Support – funding to allow Pastoral Team to assist with the funding of uniform, equipment and other costs to remove barriers to learning for individual students in their care.


Facilitating student access to enrichment activities to support learning

  • Introduction of Cross Curricular Projects Year 7 & Year 8 (promote independent learning).  
  • A significant increase (incentive) ‘rewards’ for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 – raise aspirations (CARROT).
  • Enrichment activities – allowing students access to various cultural, motivational and extracurricular activities including theatre visit, motivational speakers and visits.



Pupil Premium planned budget 2016-2017

Income £517,000

Proposed Spends

  • Additional staffing English and Maths to allow smaller group sizes at KS4 (closing the gap)
  • Subsidised travel (increased as a result of changes by local authority).
  • Dedicated member of Leadership Team focussing on pupil premium cohort (RA Team).
  • £50,000
  • £100,000
  • £10,000


Provision of appropriate Support & Intervention

  • Implementation of academic ‘subsidy’ to access the curriculum (revision books, equipment etc).
£  10,000
  • Additional Teaching Assistant focussing on KS3 (Literacy and Numeracy) (x2)
£  50,000
  • Additional Language and Learning to support literacy intervention (78 days).
£  30,000
  • Additional funding for Attendance Support.
£  25,000
  • Marie Madeleine Centre Inclusion Manager
£  50,000
  • KS3 Transition support (staffing/transport/resources for visit and challenge).
£    5,000
  • Embedding of Focus Days into curriculum (5 days).
£    5,000
  • Careers advice and guidance plus investment in new IAQ software (39 days).
£  18,000
  • KS3 raising attainment Maths appointment made (TLR).
£    5,000
  • Plan for Easter revision 3 days (staffing/transport/attendance rewards).
£  15,000
  • Intervention for English and Maths KS4 (narrowing the gap).
£    5,000
  • Comprehensive accelerated Literacy and Numeracy programme Year 7 and Year 8
£  40,000
  • Pastoral Support (welfare fund) – uniform, curriculum equipment activities.
£    5,000
  • Maths/English residential 2017 Year 11 fully funded (pupil premium students).
£    5,000
  • Maths Conference level 4/5 (April) pupil premium students.
£   2,000
  • English Conference level 4/5 (April) pupil premium students.
£   2,000



Facilitating student access to enrichment activities to support learning

  • Introduction of cross curricular projects to promote individual learning (Year 7 and Year 8)
  • Incentive rewards KS3 and KS4 (CARROT)
  • Enrichment activities
  • £2,000
  • £10,000
  • £10,000
Total            £454,000


Impact of the use of Pupil Premium Funding 2015-2016

Pupil-Premium-Table 2016-17