Behaviour Policy Statement


St. Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust




The Behaviour Policy of Trinity Catholic College & Sixth Form forms part of the overall aims of the St Hilda’s Catholic Multi Academy Trust which promotes positive behaviour between all members of the Trust and its communities.

The St Hilda’s Catholic Multi Academy Trust believes that all people are gifted and talented in their own unique ways and capable of being successful in their learning.  We aim to ensure our academies offer a safe, orderly and respectful community in which all children and young people’s talents can be developed and used to the full.    

Relationships are at the centre of our Christian faith.  They are a reflection of the mutual love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  At the heart of our Catholic communities is the high quality and enriching relationships that exist between our children, young people and our staff.

Our emphasis is on recognising and celebrating effort and success so that all members of the Academy community feel valued. We teach pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and to recognise the consequences of their choices.

Each academy’s Behaviour Policy and its implementation is a key element in a child or young person’s moral development.  Through it, children and young people will be helped to determine what is appropriate and acceptable and what is not.

This statement will next be reviewed in February 2021.